Where are the Best Places to Buy Hockey Equipment Online?

Where are the Best Places to Buy Hockey Equipment Online

You need new gloves, or maybe your kids have outgrown their gear faster than you expected, so it’s time to buy hockey equipment. Travelling can be complicated, so online shopping is often the best option. But, with so many online stores, choosing one can feel intimidating.

The best online hockey stores offer competitive prices, reviews, sizing charts, return policies, and other features that make buying easier. Stores like Hockey Monkey, Pure Hockey, and Discount Hockey sell practically everything you need. If you are a goalie, you have options like Goalie Monkey and Goalie King. Sellers like Amazon sell some gear but aren’t specialized and might have limited variety.

There are some additional factors you need to take into consideration to ensure that you’re making the right purchase. This article provides the necessary information to give you the confidence that you’re making the right online purchase.

Look for an online hockey store with an excellent reputation.

The first step that you have to take into consideration is whether the store specializes in hockey or not. While sites like Amazon make shopping more comfortable, they might not have all the information you need to buy the right piece of equipment for you.

Specialized hockey stores with years of experience often add detailed descriptions of the gear you’re buying. These stores also offer sizing guides and tips to ensure that your equipment fits just right.

Online reputation is vital. You should look for an online hockey store that has satisfied customers backing it up. Google the store and read reviews. You can also read their website on where they stand on return policies, warranties, and pricing.

What are the best online hockey stores?

The following stores have an excellent reputation as well as various products from different brands.

Hockey Monkey

Hockey Monkey is a store that, since 1999, offers an excellent combination between newer models and clearances on older products. It sells most brands and separates its products into clear sections. It also provides sizing charts and valuable tips to buy the right gear for you.

Clearances are frequent, and you find them directly on its homepage. This site also offers comprehensive descriptions on shipping, ordering, return and warranty policies, and a loyalty program.

Pure Hockey

Pure Hockey exists since 2002 and offers a wide variety of products from the top brands out there, including newer models. Their resource center and blog are amongst the most complete out there, offering tips on training and equipment. Their points program can be beneficial to those frequent buyers.

While their clearance section might not be as varied as Hockey Monkey, they still have a wide variety of products with considerable discounts. Their customer support section is easily accessible and comprehensive.

Ice Warehouse

In existence since 1994, Ice Warehouse store sells name brands in all the equipment you need. One exciting aspect is that it also actively sells inline hockey gear more aggressively than other sites. While they offer some of the newer models, they do not always have them.

Their core strength is offering competitive prices. They have a complete clearance section and a Learning Center, with detailed explanations on everything hockey-related.

Discount Hockey

As its name implies, Discount Hockey focuses on providing hockey gear at considerable discounts compared to its counterparts. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that their equipment is of lower quality.

While it might not offer the latest models, Discount Hockey sells high-quality products with reliable customer service. Resources for customers like blogs are adequate, and they have straightforward shipping, warranty, and return policies.

If you are looking to buy youth or junior-sized gear, keep in mind that all of these stores offer all the equipment you need for the younger ones.

What are the best stores for buying goalie equipment?

While the stores that we have mentioned above sell goalie equipment and offer the latest models from all the reputable brands, some stores go a step above and specialize in goalie gear.

Goalie Monkey

Goalie Monkey is a branch of Monkey Sports (who own Hockey Monkey). Like its big brother, this store sells the latest equipment and offers discounts on older models.

Their site provides the same reputable customer service, product availability, and information as hockey Monkey. An added perk is that you can have your gear personalized.

Goalies Plus

Goalies Plus is a smaller online store that offers a varied selection of goalie equipment from the most popular brands out there. It centers around having the lowest prices on the market rather than having the latest models out.

All their products are of the highest quality available. They offer youth and junior gear as well.

Goalie King

Goalie King is also a smaller online store located in Canada, but they offer international shipping as well. They dedicate exclusively to goalie equipment, and you will find all the gear you need if you are a goalie.

They have a returns and exchange policy and do not have a blog or learning center like other sites.

Where can I buy nets and targets?

While sites like Pure Hockey and Hockey Monkey offer them, this is an occasion in which generalized stores come in handy. Places like Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Walmart also offer nets, targets, and practice goalies.

It’s best to check beforehand what the offer is as these stores might only work seasonally. You can also resort to these places if you are looking for hockey pucks.

But, if you can’t find them in these stores, specialized hockey stores like those mentioned in previous sections will definitely have all you are looking for.

If you are buying from Canada, you need to take some factors into consideration.

Most major manufacturers don’t ship from the US to Canada. This means that Canadian buyers need to sort to local online stores. Fortunately, there are several reputable options available.

So here are the Best Places to Buy Hockey Equipment Online from Canada.

Hockey Supremacy:

Hockey Supremacy has many products, excellent clearances, a membership program, useful information, and clear return policies. They offer fast shipping and guaranteed best prices.

Pro Hockey life:

Another sizeable Canadian store, Pro Hockey Life, offers a large variety and many discounts year-round. Their outlet section is worth a look. It also provides a training section that covers almost everything, from skating to shooting.

Where can I buy used hockey gear online?

If you don’t want to buy new gear, don’t worry. There are also plenty of options for used equipment. While you can purchase used gear off Craigslist, we advise against it because no formal seller and warranties are available.

Sideline Swap is a site that offers new and used gear as well as valuable information and a help center with return policies.

Play it Again Sports offers an online store and physical locations where you can find and sell used gear.

Finally, there’s Pro Stock Hockey. This site is interesting because it offers used pro-level hockey gear at a fraction of the cost while still guaranteeing the highest quality possible. This means that you can find some of the newer models for reasonable prices.

If you happen to have a store near you that doesn’t offer as much variety of what you are looking for, here’s another tip. You can always try your gear at these stores then purchase them online.

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there for you to buy gear, whether new or used. With this article, you now have a clear picture of what’s available out there.

Hockey gear can mean a significant investment. Buying from trusted, experienced stores will give you the reassurance that you are making the right investment.

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