3 Tips to Stop Getting Hockey Injuries

3 Tips to Stop Getting Hockey Injuries

It is no secret that injuries are a big part of hockey. Skating at such high speeds in such jam packed traffic is bound to have you injured at some point. Injuries can be the worst, and for people who take sports seriously, injuries can send you in the opposite direction. Although this is the case for athletes, there are some quick and easy tips you can follow to help prevent hockey injuries.


One of the biggest ideas in all of sports is that if you train 100% every day of the week, you are doing yourself a huge favor by putting yourself ahead of the game. Let me tell you, this could not be any more wrong. If you want to start getting injuries in hockey, then I suggest you follow this false idea. The reason training every day of the week at such intensity is so dangerous is because it breaks down your body. When you tear muscle, it takes time for it to heal. If you’re always training, then your body will never be at 100% and you will never reach your full potential. This is why it is critical for your success in hockey to take days off. Furthermore, it is critical in terms of preventing and stopping injuries from occurring in the first place.

Pain is not gain

Another false assumption in hockey and in sports is that you are a wimp if you do not play through the pain. This is yet another myth. When you play injured, your body’s natural response is to compensate around the area of your body that got injured. This means that other areas of your body are at further risk of getting injured and you could even make your current injury worse. Now I can understand playing through some minor pain, but it is typically true that pain is a great barometer for your body’s status. More pain is definitely not more gain.


Stretching more is another way to stop injuries in hockey as is getting a proper warm up in. A lot of people tend to neglect stretching and throw it to the curb. Let me tell you, that is a bad idea. In hockey games you put yourself in a lot of situations that will flex your muscles. If you do not have any flexibility then the chances of you pulling, straining, or tearing something is much greater. Trust me on this, there is nothing worse than having to sit out a couple of games with a strain. Why? Because muscles do not always have an exact time table for full recovery. Strained muscles and pulled muscles take a lot of trial and error before a trainer will actually give you the nod to go ahead.


To conclude, make sure to stretch a lot and to be cautious about playing through pain and taking the right amount of days to recover. These simple tips will not only stop injuries from occurring but they will also improve your performance dramatically.

Clinton Holley

Clinton has three boys along with his wife Maria. Each of his three boys play hockey. He continues to incorporate his family and his love of hockey into his career as a pediatrician.

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